Nov 21

Grid vs. Zone? Soil Sampling Secrets: Part 3

SAMPLING EXPECTED TO RISE IN THE FUTURE According to Clint Nester, the growing interest in precision ag – both for environmental as well as financial reasons – will fuel growth in zone sampling going forward.
Nov 14

Grid vs. Zone? Part 2 in this 3-Part Series You Don't Want to Miss!

GET INTO THE ZONE  GRID ZONE GRID Grid management is built around soil test data. A field is divided into, say, 5-acre squares and a soil sample is taken from the centre of each. ZONE Zone management incorporates yield data, imagery, possibly EC testing, etc., to construct productivity zones, which govern how to manage the field. Zones are a function of soil attributes plus environmental conditions that determine yield.  
Nov 07

Grid vs. Zone? Part 1 in a 3-Part Series Polls the Experts

SOIL SAMPLING SECRETS FROM THE EXPERTS The proliferation of precision ag practices across North America is pushing more and more growers to begin soil testing – and those who already are, to ramp up their efforts. A common question they encounter: Which is better, grid sampling or zone? Our experts outline the pros and cons of each... and uncover some surprising middle ground along the way.
Sep 19

3 Ways to Sharpen Your Agronomy Focus Using Technology

Thanks to great advances in precision ag technology, we now understand that crops grow in a five dimensional sea of variability – up, down, right, left plus time and economics.
Aug 29

Welcome to the Precision Management Mindset: Making Money for Your Farm

Let the sun shine on your farm's bottom line!

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