Aug 23

My Day With Bill Gates - How to Leverage Ag Technology to Drive Global Prosperity

The founder of AGRI-TREND, Robert Saik, was one of 15 people from around the world invited to Seattle in early May of this year to discuss technology with Bill Gates.

May 20

BOOK RELEASE - The Agriculture Manifesto

Our CEO, Robert Saik, releases his 1st book on Amazon.

The Agriculture Manifesto - 10 Key Drivers that will Shape Agriculture in the Next Decade, is a quick read designed to foster thought and dialogue about where our industry is headed.

Rob is using this book as a way for him to describe the future of our industry and to explain forces that will change all of our lives.

Feb 24

Supporting Argument for Farming 3.0 - The Digital Farm

The Theme of The 2011 Farm Forum Event was Farming 3.0...The Digital Farm. I recently was sent a link to the attached article by Terry Aberhart, one of our Agri-Coaches. As I read the article, I was struck by how much this article lined up with our thinking and what we discussed at The Farm Forum Event.

Nov 06

Wireless Access Continues to Expand

Those who know me know I am a technology fan.

Agri-Trend has been at the forefront of integrating technology into agriculture, especially when it comes to harnessing the power of the internet to manage farm production data.  Of course to make the best use of our systems, access to the internet is critical.  This access continues to expand.

This week, as part of my duties as a director of The Canadian Consulting Agrologists Association, I had an opportunity to share some ideas with a group of consultants from Chile.  We gathered in Santiago to discuss the role consultants play in advancing agriculture.  Central to this work was, information dissemination, and central to that was the internet.

Even in the remote areas of Chile, consultants are able to access the internet through wireless technology.  This brings the world to real time.

Last year, I was in a farm house in Kazakhstan.  Very nice home but it had no running water...but it was equipped with the internet...and I still communicate with the young farm lad from that village.

AND right now, I am posting this blog from 30,000 feet because I am flying back from Dallas to Calgary on an American Airlines flight that is equipped with In Flight Wi Fi.  MAN is this exciting!

You see now, I can access the Field Programs of my customers though our Netware System while enroute.  It creates even further connectivity!

I already am fully connected on land with my EVDO aircard and now I can remain connected in the!

In the Oct/Nov issue of The agAdvance, we featured a story on RTK technology that runs over EVDO signals...this will soon be eclipsed by 3G and 4G technology.   What this means is that it puts the power of the internet in the cab of your tractor, effectively connecting you with the world, while you are in the field!

We continue to pour resources into our Netware Systems to connect our Agri-Coaches and Market-Coaches with farm customers.  This capability will increase as we extend our reach to mobile devices such as smart phones.

We will increasingly use the internet to bring the power of knowledge and wisdom to help you on your farm.

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